My Cell Phone photos *2014

Guests have always wanted to take pictures of their loved ones at weddings. They want to capture the moment for themselves – to have in their records.  The cell phone is a great tool for that, which I find really fun to watch! I love that anyone, at any time, can take a photo ( and  better yet a video )  of what is happening. This is what is going on now all over the world! 24 hours a day! Just think of all the documentation we have.  I’m fortunate my Dad took so many slides, that we now spend hours going through them on a projector, reel after carefully labeled reel.  I think selfies are a fantastic angle, to include yourself into the captured moment. This of course is not a new idea, but now much easier to execute successfully  – you know, so you can post just the right one.

Gorgeous DIY wedding in West Seattle

Wow – what a summer we have had here in Seattle! Jeff and Jessica got just the weather they’d hoped, for their classy and itimate private home wedding. The details were so charming and special, and the night was the most perfect, and most fun celebration.

The head table was totally cute, and all the guests could see them. Here they are shouting greetings back to their guests in some silly back and forth banter.

Thanks for letting me be a part of it, and thanks Seattle sun, for coming through big time this year!

Second camera by Karen Derby


Sarah and Austin on the Virginia V, Seattle’s Lake Union

From out first meeting together, Sarah and I were a great match. She is the kindest and the most thoughtful. She shares an honest true love with her beau, Austin. I feel so lucky and honored to have been there: to witness and record their heartfelt, blessed day.

Crediting Karen Derby, on second camera – catching what is truly a sign of the times.

Seattle Sunny Summer Sweetheart Shoot

Good times to come, Patty and Chad!

Gasworks Park engagement shoot

Seattle Sunny Sweetheart Shoot

Amazing spring flowers * Woodmark Hotel

I can’t get over these flowers from CMS floral design!  And if you were wondering what 8000 petals for your aisle looks like…..

I felt a real sense of style at Claire and Balaji’s engagement session, and knew their wedding would be so pretty.  The choices they made for cake and decorations turned out gorgeous.




Congratulations you two! You had a perfectly gorgeous wedding day!